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Angreji mein anuvad shuru karo

And remember i was dragged here on chaupaal by anirudh, he started this talk on my talkpage on29 October UTC later he decided to discontinue the talk over there on my talk page on30 October UTC when discussion was till on with later comments being added by others of which last comment was added by me on30 October UTC but anirudh later decided to make it a public affair on30 October UTC about which he dint informed me that he is going public with this discussion, i saw this matter being discussed here in chaupaal on3 November UTC where i find a targeted attack on me by anirudh here are some of the quotes:.

And then our dear mister anirudh disappeared from discussion once again on3 November UTChow ironic for me to point out who started this discussion and kept on disappearing from it, later mr ajit took up this matter on5 November UTC and started again provoking me with:. And even after so many instants of provocation and insulting if some 1 says quiet then that person is not human but still i behaved and only came up with words like crap, pissed off and Take a hike now Irritating Pest, I could have used other words which every person do know here, but i think hiding behind a computer, provoking and insulting me too is not great thing.

And as soon as this words were used his mission of provoking me was accomplished and he started a new mission to vote me outimagine if i had used F-word. In between i tried to pull out of this you can read my messgs posted on4 November UTC, 7 November UTC, 8 November UTC, 8 November UTC and8 November UTC i neither insulted any 1 nor did i provoked any 1 but instead i was repeatedly insulted and provoked just because i am a newbie, in between we forgot the main person who started this whole thing here in public our friend anirudh, just like he did on my talk page, he disappeared from here too because he was failing with his discussion.

And about shubham and anunat their issue is non issue for me because they have a problem with talk page that i am creating and greatest of all the way i use my time. Sushilmishra vaarta9 November UTC. Anyways ajit's behaviour is too much provocative for not only for me but any 1 else too and now his iski main aupachaarik aur aadhikaarik shikaayat kar raha hooain.

Sushilmishra vaarta10 November UTC. The fortune teller inside me is predicting that if you do not ignore and keep silent now-here-at this moment, very soon unwanted words will come up in discussion from either side and then the situation will become irreversible and then we may have to loose any of you two, which will be a huge loss for wiki. If you wish, you may also like to take a break for a week.

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Krantmlverma your reason that wikipedia is international organization and people not only from india but from other nations with knowledge of hindi will browse it, is kind of strange since you your self is saying people with knowledge of hindi will browse it then such people should have knowledge of Hindi devnagri numericals.

And to point out the numbers you are saying as international then those are used by languages which use latin script english, french, spanish etc or cyrillic script russian, serbian, kazak etc or in languages which lack standard numerics or its usage historically chinese, japanese, hebrew etcbut in case of Hindi, Devnagri script have its own numeric script similarly arabic wikipedia is using arabic numerics and so is the case with farsi wikipedia which is using farsi script numericals.

Today you are asking for latinization of numerics based on your view that people from other nations also access Hindi wikipedia, may be tomorrow you will ask for latinzation of Hindi script and will say Hindi wikipedia should be written in Latin english script since many people from other nation also access Hindi Wikipedia. I propose that we please follow devnagri script, for writing numbers atleast in heading of article as it is standard form of writing Hindi language.

Either we be liberal in creating Hindi Wikipedia or we be conservative while doing this but being half here and half there will create a sub-standard article. My view is that we should favour standard devnagri script numerics because Hindi is written in devnagri and we should stay with standard script and do not corrupt the language by introducing latin script numerics.

I request every wikipedian to comment about this topic and come to a conclusion in democratic way. Should we use standard devnagri script for writing number on Hindi Wikipedia or should we use Latin script numbers? I would also like to bring to your notice few statistics origin of readers of Hindi Wikipedia. Hindi hi 0. So how many percentage of global users are accessing Hindi Wikipedia hardly 9.

Please let us all sort this matter quickly and save our language script devnagri. Sushilmishra vaarta13 November UTC. If we ourself voluntarily allow our language script to get corrupted then day is not far when hindi wikipedia will be written in latin script, we lack sentiment towards our language and its script like we see among chinese, japanese, arabic, hebrew and even tamil, we dont want to preserve our language its standard form but we want to distort it, repeating the same mistake again and again will not make it correct its our responsibility to correct it in step by step process, chalta hai, chalta hai attitude ki waja se aaj humare desh ki yeh halat hai ki chote chote desh bhi hume dara kar ja re kal aise na din aye ki iss chalta hai attitude ki waja se hamari bhasa he hamari na rahe.

I wanted to say more but it seems that what ever i say people find it controversial. But i would like to warn the day will come when some 1 will say we should write hindi articles in latin script since we use latin script to write hindi on internet chat forum, on shop's board and etc.

Allow me to continue my work of creating pages as i have seen no body have any problem with that so i am on with my work and you guy enjoy your drama of making this thing sub-standard.

And sanjeev if you wish to remove articles created by me then sure go ahead mate but dont forget to mention a reason for deletion as my articles are far larger and little bit informative when compared to those articles present on aadhar category which are lying in that same state since past many many year, it ll be a great lose to hindi wikipedia. So go ahead and abuse your power. The Wikimedia legal team invites you to participate in the development of the new Wikimedia trademark policy.Sorry for writing in English.

vikipeediya:chaupaal/puraalekh 33

You can translate the proposal. Should X! Your input is strongly encouraged. Voice your input here. Hindustanilanguage vaarta8 July UTC. Saurabhsandilya vaarta12 July UTC. Raichand ko poornat: block kar dein to vikipeediya ke liye jyaada behtar rahega. Hindustanilanguage vaarta17 July UTC.

Hindustanilanguage vaarta18 July UTC. Hello all, I write this message to inform you about the visual editor and the problems other Wikipedias have with it, so that the Hindi speaking community can inform themselves and decide if this is a concern for this Wikipedia as well or not.

On the Dutch community, most users really like the idea of getting a visual editor. A visual editor may help inexperienced new users or users who experience the wikisyntax as difficult to edit.

In the past weeks we have tested the visual editor and we noticed big problems that concern the majority of the articles. We reported all these problems a month ago. The day before yesterday we heard that the developers plan to launch the visual editor for all logged in as anonymous users on the Dutch Wikipedia nl-wiki coming Monday 22 July.

We checked again all problems we reported and noticed that all these articles still have major problems in the visual editor.

The second concern we have is the user friendliness of the current visual editor, sure most of the basic edits work fine with it, but the more difficult edits where this piece of software is designed for!

Our third concern are the templates. On the Dutch Wikipedia we have been working hard to make and keep almost all templates as easy as possible to edit and change for most users KISS principleso that as many as users can update templates. The coding the visual editor requires for editing templates in articles makes it impossible for regular users to update those templates any longer.

Something that is unacceptable to us. Software should make editing easier, not more difficult. All the problems with the software will cause thousands of bad edits which other users can clean up afterwards. We think software should make the workload less in stead of enlarging it. As a result of all problems we have started a voting to hide the visual editor until the problems are solved.

A big majority is in favour.

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In the past weeks, the visual editor was already launched to the English Wikipedia. Many many many problems occurred and are still occurring, like this and this. On thousands of articles this goes wrong.Aaj ke time me padhai-likhayi Literacy education se le kar employment and business ke area me english language bahut important ho gayi hai. Public school or convent school me to angeji bhasha ko khas ahmiyat de kar padhaya jata hai but kuch student jo dusre schoolo me padhe hai ya padh rahe hai wo english me kamjor rah jate hai or bad me unhe isme kafi dikkate hoti hai.

So aaj mai aapko is post me kuch ayse android apps ke bare me bta raha hu jinse aap english sikhne ke sath sath english speaking ko bhi behtar kar sakte ho. Aaj kal har ek student ke pass smartphone mil jata hai, shayad aapke pas bhi hoga to kya na aap apne mobile phone ki help se hi apni english ko behtar banaye or achhe se angreji bolna sikh le. Warna aapko english me kachcha hone ki wajah se bad me logo ke samne sharminda hona padega.

Jo log kinhi karan se badiya english nahi sikh pate hai or bolne me galatiya karte hai to unhe bad me pareshani aati hai or wo interview, friends ke sath, meeting and other public event join karne se katrane algte hai. Agar aap chahate hai ki aapke sath aesa na ho to abhi se english sikhna or bolna sikhna shuru kar de. Internet se aaj lagbhag har work ho raha hai or aapki samsya ka solution bhi is par mil jayega. I mean aap apne mobile, computer, laptop, tablet par aasani se english learn kar sakte ho.

Aap android application, web software ki hel pse apni english ko better bana sakte ho or uska sahi se uchcharan karna bhi sikh sakte ho.

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Aap in apps par apni jarurat ke anusar english ki study kar sakte ho. So aayiye, aaj hum bat karte hai kuch aese apps ki jinki madad se aap apne phone par bhi english ka achha course kar sakte ho or good english bolna likhna sikh sakte ho.

Is app me english kuch is tarah sikhayi jati hai ki english sikhne wala person enjoy bhi kar sake.

WH Question - Learn Hindi through English!

Is apps me sabhi lession gaming format me diye gaye hai. Actually, ye gaming format apps hai so isme sahi jawab dene par aapko points bhi milte hai. Iske alawa duolingo me diye gaye lession me challanges ke sath sath bolne, sunne and translate ki bhi service di jati hai taki is se sikhne wala aadmi aasani se sun or samajh sake. Sirf itna hi nahi ye aap aapke record ko track bhi karta hai taki aapko ye pata chal sake ki apane kitna time english sikhne me bitaya hai. Is app me english language ke alawa alag alag bhasha sikhne ka kafi bada course hai.

In courses ko memoriz ke hi another members ne hi banaya hai. Is aap ki khasiyat ye hai ki aap ise online use karne ke sath sath offline mode par bhi ue kar sakte ho. I mean agar aapke pas internet connection nahi bhi ho to bhi aap is app ki madad se english sikh sakte hai.

Agar aap apni english dictionary strong karna chahate hai to ye app aapke liye hi hai. Lingaa li se aap english ke alawa some other language bhi sikh sakte hai. Sath hi isme memory game bhi add kiye gaye hai taki aap kisi word ko sikhe or use yaad karne ke liye uska game khele. Iske alawa isme vocabulary flashcard bhi diye gaye hai jin par dekh par aap words ko aasani se yaad kar sakte ho.

Kahte hai ki kisi ko english sudharni hai to use english paper jarur padhna chahiye. Is aap me aapko news paper or magazine bhi padhne ko milegi wo bhibahut sari jinse apaki angreji bahut jald achhi ho jayegi. Ye app british council ke dwara develop kiya gaya hai.

angreji mein anuvad shuru karo

Ye app english grammer ko behtar banane ke liye banaya gaya hai. Isme english grammer ko sikhne ke liye 4 level hote hai jo starting level se le kar advanced level tak jate hai.

angreji mein anuvad shuru karo

Har ek level par 12 grammer topic cover kiye jate hai.Vokal App bridges the knowledge gap in India in Indian languages by getting the best minds to answer questions of the common man. The Vokal App is available in 11 Indian languages. Users ask questions on s of topics related to love, life, career, politics, religion, sports, personal care etc. We have s of experts from different walks of life answering questions on the Vokal App.

People can also ask questions directly to experts apart from posting a question to the entire answering community. If you are an expert or are great at something, we invite you to join this knowledge sharing revolution and help India grow. Download the Vokal App!

angreji mein anuvad shuru karo

Romanized Version. Nisha Rathore Teacher. Harender Kumar Yadav Career Counsellor. English Seekhne Ka Aasaan Tarika.

Sunil Sir Spoken English. Madan Kumar Spoken English Trainer. Ashok Mishra Spoken English Trainer. Komal Chaudhary Spoken English Trainer. Harish Varshney English Spoken. Hari Sushmani Spoken English. Shiv Sharma Spoken English.

Shyam Kanaujia Advocate. Satyam Tripathi Student.

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Abhimanyu kumar Singh B.Is article mai hum aapko batayenge ki aap English learning se kis tarah apna professional career bana sakte hai aur English speaking jobs mai kis tarah apply kar sakte hai. Aap toh jaante hi hai ki aaj kal har koi English seekhne ki koshish mai laga hua hai.

Par kya aapne kabhi socha hai ki log English kyu seekhna chahte hai? Aaj kal har job mai English language hi use hoti hai. Job contracts bhi English mai likhe jaate hai. International business bhi English mai hota hai. Har business mai English hi prefer ki jaati hai kyuki yeh ek exact language hai aur har koi ise samajh sakta hai.

English seekhna aapke interviews aur job applications mai ek bohot bada role play karte hai. Achi English speaking skills hone se aap apne job interviews aur job applications mai safal hojaate hai.

Interviewers first impression ko zyada importance dete hai. Isi dar ki wajah se humara confidence low hojaata hai aur aap interview theek se nahi de paate. Nervousness aur hesitation ki wajah se aap jo bol sakte hai woh bhi nahi bol paate.

Agar aapki Angrezi achi ho toh aap confident feel karte hai. Aapko ache se communicate karne ki skill aati hai. Aapko ji bhi question pucha jaye aap use fluently answer kar paayenge. Agar aapki English speaking skills weak hai toh aapke job mai select hone ke chances bhi khatam ho jaate hai.

Agar aapki English speaking skills strong hai toh aap interviewers par acha impression bana paate hai aur aapke job milne ke chances badh jaate hai. Jab aap interview dete hai toh aapke resume mai aapke skills aur talents mentioned hote hai.

Agar aap sirf apni native language mai baath kar sakte hai toh aapke job opportunities limited hote hai. Par agar aapki Spoken English bhi achi ho toh aap apni home country se bahar bhi jobs dekh sakte hai. Aap international companies mai bhi job ke liye apply kar sakte hai.From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.

Aise kuch nhi h. Kya kar rahein ho. What is up? What are you doing? Aap hmse naaraj ho kya Jo msg ka reply nhi d re h.

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Kya kar rahe ho. Khana kha liya. India me sex sadi se pahle nahi karti ladji. I know you know you new. K Chaldon hai thara. More context All My memories Ask Google. Add a translation. Hindi kya kar rahe ho. English Aise kuch nhi h. English Kya kar rahein ho. English Nothing. English What is up? English What are you doing? English kaya kar raho ho. English nothing. English kya m atta gunthu. English Aap hmse naaraj ho kya Jo msg ka reply nhi d re h.

English chalo khana khate h. English what are you doing. Hindi Kya kar rahe ho. English khana khaya ho. English are you busy. English Khana kha liya. English India me sex sadi se pahle nahi karti ladji. Hindi kya kar rahe ho? English I know you know you new. English K Chaldon hai thara. Get a better translation with 4, human contributions. We use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies.This is done through repeatable experiments or observational studies.

A scientific theory which is contradicted by observations and evidence will be rejected. New theories that generate many new predictions can more easily be supported or falsified (see predictive power). Notions that make no testable predictions are usually considered not to be part of science (protoscience or nescience) until testable predictions can be made.

Mathematical equations and models, and computer models, are frequently used to describe the past and future behaviour of a process within the boundaries of that model.

In some cases the probability of an outcome, rather than a specific outcome, can be predicted, for example in much of quantum physics. In microprocessors, branch prediction permits avoidance of pipeline emptying at branch instructions. In engineering, possible failure modes are predicted and avoided by correcting the mechanism causing the failure.

Accurate prediction and forecasting are very difficult in some areas, such as natural disasters, pandemics, demography, population dynamics and meteorology. For example, it is possible to predict the occurrence of solar cycles, but their exact timing and magnitude is much more difficult (see picture to right). New theories make predictions which allow them to be disproved by reality. For example, predicting the structure of crystals at the atomic level is a current research challenge. The existence of this absolute frame was deemed necessary for consistency with the established idea that the speed of light is constant.

The famous Michelson-Morley experiment demonstrated that predictions deduced from this concept were not borne out in reality, thus disproving the theory of an absolute frame of reference. The special theory of relativity was proposed by Einstein as an explanation for the seeming inconsistency between the constancy of the speed of light and the non-existence of a special, preferred or absolute frame of reference.

Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity could not easily be tested as it did not produce any effects observable on a terrestrial scale. Mathematical models of stock market behaviour (and economic behaviour in general) are also unreliable in predicting future behaviour. Among other reasons, this is because economic events may span several years, and the world is changing over a similar time frame, thus invalidating the relevance of past observations to the present.

Thus there are an extremely small number (of the order of 1) of relevant past data points from which to project the future. In addition, it is generally believed that stock market prices already take into account all the information available to predict the future, and subsequent movements must therefore be the result of unforeseen events.

Consequently, it is extremely difficult for a stock investor to anticipate or predict a stock market boom, or a stock market crash. In contrast to predicting the actual stock return, forecasting of broad economic trends tends to have better accuracy.

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Some correlation has been seen between actual stock market movements and prediction data from large groups in surveys and prediction games. An actuary uses actuarial science to assess and predict future business risk, such that the risk(s) can be mitigated. For example, in insurance an actuary would use a life table (which incorporates the historical experience of mortality rates and sometimes an estimate of future trends) to project life expectancy.

Predicting the outcome of sporting events is a business which has grown in popularity in recent years. Handicappers predict the outcome of games using a variety of mathematical formulas, simulation models or qualitative analysis. Early, well known sports bettors, such as Jimmy the Greek, were believed to have access to information that gave them an edge.

Recent times have changed the way sports are predicted. Predictions now typically consist of two distinct approaches: Situational plays and statistical based models. Situational plays are much more difficult to measure because they usually involve the motivation of a team. As situational plays become more widely known they become less useful because they will impact the way the line is set. The widespread use of technology has brought with it more modern sports betting systems.

angreji mein anuvad shuru karo

These systems are typically algorithms and simulation models based on regression analysis. Jeff Sagarin, a sports statistician, has brought attention to sports by having the results of his models published in USA Today. He is currently paid as a consultant by the Dallas Mavericks for his advice on lineups and the use of his Winval system, which evaluates free agents.